Saturday, January 21, 2012

Curse you Star Tours!

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Star Tours: The Adventure Continues

So this comic was based on Star Tours II, the sequel to the original ride at Disneyland. Now, the original ride was great. It threw you right into the Star Wars universe and in the middle of an epic space battle between the Rebel Alliance and the Empire, culminating with the destruction of the Death Star!

As years passed, it was still something that was enjoyable and immersive, but you could also tell it was becoming dated. The film quality didn't seem so great and its popularity steadily decreased.

Let's just skip to the point. When Star Tours II was announced and opened, I was excited, but cautiously optimistic. The prequels tend to leave a bitter taste in the mouths of purists, so combining old and new was something that I was wary about. But Sam and I  managed to go pretty shortly after it opened and after a 40 minute wait, we made our voyage and I give it a thumbs up!

So review of the ride aside, there's a sequence where you're in an asteroid field and being hunted down by Boba Fett. It's pretty cool with explosions and rocks and lasers and you even fly through a Death Star in the construction phase, only to be cornered again by none other than the relentless bounty hunter. So what happens? He shoots a slow moving grenade in our direction and we fire a tiny laser to change its course back in his direction. And so we escape the Fettster and make our return home!

But what happens to poor Mr. Fett...? Obviously the same thing that always happens to him.....

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Anonymous said...

There are actually like 54 different combinations of that ride you could've seen.

There are something like 5-6 beginnings, 3 middles, and 5-6 ends. You should've gone on the ride a few times! Instead of going in the death star, I was on one where we went through some huge city.